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Author, lecturer, career coach, and educator, Ruben Britt, Jr. is a Master Career Development Professional. He is a career planning advisor in the Career Management Center at Rowan University and talk show host.
Ruben is the host of Career Talk on WGLS-FM a show offering tips and advice on career planning and finding employment. He has written a book on self-empowerment entitled Reflection and Restoration: Quotes for Self-Empowerment and Motivation, a career planning guide for high school and college students entitled Black and Powerful: The Career Guide For Tomorrow’s Top Leaders, and he has written a children’s book on cultural diversity entitled Lakota. Ruben wrote two chapters for the book The Last Job Search Guide You’ll Ever Need entitled Networking: Proven Tool For Job Seekers and The Portfolio: Your Ticket To Successful Interviewing. He is a certified Master Career Development Professional who is a frequent speaker at professional conferences, meetings, and student lectures. Ruben has been a contributor and he has written a number of articles  related to education and career development for such publications as Upscale Magazine, Black Enterprise, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Black Collegian Magazine. He has worked as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Education, the Educational Testing Service, the New Jersey Department of Higher Education, Uniscore and several colleges and community organizations.
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