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With over 40 years of experience, Ruben Britt offers professional career coaching services on a consulting basis. Whether your symposium is looking for professional career insight or you're seeking one-on-one career counseling Mr. Britt provides the following service offerings:
  • Job search strategy development, including establishing career objectives and formulating a search plan.
  • Resume and cover letter development, including formatting and content creation.
  • Strategies and approaches for application submission designed to make the most impact on hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Skills assessments to identify accomplishments, strengths, and gaps in competencies.
  • LinkedIn profile development and social media best practices.
  • Networking strategies, including in-person and digital approaches.
  • Company “targeting” to identify organizations to which you would like to apply and would be a fit.
  • Tips and approaches for working with agencies and headhunters.
  • Job board utilization and tactics to increase chances of getting “in the door”.
  • Interview skills training, including preparing for phone, video chat, or in-person screenings.
  • Job search etiquette, including communications, outreach, and follow-ups.
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