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Author, lecturer, career coach, and educator, Ruben Britt, Jr. is a Master Career Development Professional. He is a career planning advisor at Rowan University and talk show host.
Ruben is the host of Career Talk on WGLS-FM a show offering tips and advice on career planning and finding employment. He has written a book on the social and moral issues within the United States with his latest publication Winter in America: The Social and Moral Decline Of A Great Nation; He has  also written a self-empowerment book entitled Reflection and Restoration: Quotes for Self-Empowerment and Motivation, a career planning guide for high school and college students entitled Black and Powerful: The Career Guide For Tomorrow’s Top Leaders, and he has written a children’s book on cultural diversity entitled Lakota. Ruben wrote two chapters for the book The Last Job Search Guide You’ll Ever Need--"Networking: Proven Tool For Job Seekers" and "The Portfolio: Your Ticket To Successful Interviewing."
He is a certified Master Career Development Professional who is a frequent speaker at professional conferences, meetings, and student lectures. Ruben has been a contributor and he has written a number of articles and related to education, career development  and social issues for such publications as Upscale Magazine, Black Enterprise, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Black Collegian Magazine. A nationally recognized expert on issues related to career coaching and educational issues, he has worked as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Education, the Educational Testing Service, the New Jersey Department of Higher Education and several colleges and community organizations.
Ruben has over 42 years of experience in education as both a career planning counselor and as a teacher.  As a teacher, he taught in the Boston Public School system for several years where he coached basketball and track, along with volunteering his time to help empower disenfranchised individuals in the community. Ruben has served on the executive boards for a number of organizations, and he has received numerous awards and distinctions. He is the former host of An Evening of Jazz on WBUQ-FM and WGLS-FM and a former sports columnist for Urban Beat. Ruben attended the College of Sequoias and received his B.S. degree from Southern University and M.A. degree from Bloomsburg University. Presently, he is the assistant director of the Office of Career Advancement at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. Ruben Britt, Jr. is a native of Roxbury, Massachusetts and he currently resides with his family in New Jersey.


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